Garbage Disposals

We have fixed many garbage disposals and some of the problems we’ve seen  include leaks, jams, and clogs. In some cases we will be able to repair the issue and get your unit working like new again. However, if we determine that it will be more cost effective to replace your unit, we will help you choose a more efficient replacement and install it for you.

To avoid recurring problems with your garbage disposal, it is important to maintain it on a regular basis. We are happy to help repair your unit, but we would be even happier knowing that your device is working efficiently.

Here are some easy maintenance tips to keep your garbage disposal in good condition:

  • Flush cold water down the drain once a week. This will help clear out any small bits of food and keep your garbage disposal free from problems with food buildup.
  • Grind ice cubes through the disposal to give the device a good clean and to keep the blades sharp.
  • Put lemon slices down the drain and grind as warm water (not hot) is flushed down. This will help alleviate foul odors coming from the drain.
  • Avoid putting these items down the drain: eggshells, bones, fibrous or starchy foods, and coffee grounds. These can quickly clog the drain as well as tangle in the disposal’s blades.

Garbage disposals-can be dangerous so If you are experiencing  any problems with your garbage disposal, please call us and we can generally get it functioning again in no time.